Demolition Services

Complete demolition of all commercial warehouses, industrial metal buildings, and concrete structures. All demolition

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Dismantling Services

Disassemble and stripping of industrial equipment such as printing presses, rollers, factory equipment, and

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Make the Complex Task of Building Demolition Easy and Cost Effective for You

Recovering material from industrial buildings, plants, and old buildings saves you money when demolishing buildings.

  • Leading demolition contractor in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • Plant dismantling and industrial clean up specialists
  • Years of experience with demolishing silos
  • Recycle demolition materials for plant liquidation

Tamco can save you money on your demolition projects.
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Recycling Demolition Materials: Saving You Money Every Step of the Way

With our emphasis on reuse, reselling, recycling and preservation, TAMCO saves you real money on any project. We have access to a wide selection of industry resources, and can ensure all specialized permits, legal requirements and certifications are in place for every job. Whether a plant liquidation or other commercial building demolition, we have the experience and the legal expertise to guarantee your project goes smoothly.

Our team of seasoned demolition contractors will help you determine the most cost effective way to handle an industrial cleanout, while keeping you “green” in the process. Remember, reusing and recycling drywall, cardboard, dirt, metals, stone, concrete and wood help the environment too. When you consider that demolition materials make up 29% of the waste stream according to a recent California study, reusing or recycling these products allows for both preservation of our natural resources, along with significant cash benefits for your business. Our asset recovery projects are a win for everyone.

In today’s litigious environment, we’ll get you the best return on your assets, while maintaining strict standards for safety and legality at all times. Don’t take chances with a less reputable or experienced company. At TAMCO, we’re also about providing peace of mind.