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One of the best ways to lower the total cost of your demolition project is to recycle, reuse, and/or preserve as much of your scrap material as possible.

In an effort to limit the amount of reusable waste that gets dumped into our nation’s landfills, many areas have imposed high disposal fees in order to encourage recycling efforts.

TAMCO regularly recycles metal, stone, and other popular building materials, and can evaluate your project to determine what materials you can recycle and/or reuse. TAMCO also markets scrap material for resale in several different markets, including the Internet (even on eBay!).

By reaching out to a large groups of interested buyers, TAMCO can readily sell the materials that are simply too expensive to discard. As the price of building materials continues to increase, the resale market can be very lucrative, indeed!

You can also preserve high-quality scraps to lower the cost of future construction projects. The professionals at TAMCO can help you identify the different types of materials available and assess their condition.

They’ll help you determine the best ways to save money on your project and help the environment at the same time. Some companies have even intentionally used large amounts of recycled products for their new construction, and received fantastic publicity as a result.

The possibilities are endless! The more you can recycle, resell,and preserve, the more you can save!


" Job well done. Excellent service and fair pricing. They kept us informed throughout and despite severe weather, the job was completed as promised!. "
Gary DiGiovanni, Manager


" There comes a time when a part of a building just can’t be saved. I had 5 demo companies look at my problem. Only Tamco took the time to show me how they could solve my problem. Jim & Tammy Johnson brought there team of talented professionals who did a outstanding job. 13,500 old mill stye building took five patient weeks to dissect one portion from the other. I had 49,000 sq ft building with problems too costly to repair. Now i have a safe 35,000 sq and a new acre of ground to rebuild my business. As the building came down, trucks rolled in a timely manor. “Problem solved” Professionals is what I asked for and a Professional job is what I got. "
Tommy McEvilly, 500 Bridge St Weissport, Pa 18235